Pseudo3D Logo


Pseudo3D is a simple game library written using JavaFX. This library uses sprite scaling and drawing order to achieve a fake perspective effect for a 3D physics scene.

My Logo


This website is used as my personal website. It shows some info about me, as well as my projects. On my GitHub, you can see my unfinished projects as well.

BoneBot Logo


BoneBot is a self-hosted, modular Discord bot that can respond and react to messages, add custom commands, send files and quotes, and generate memes in a Discord server.

CourierNew Logo


CourierNew is a physical mail system for Spigot Minecraft servers that allows users to send letters in the form of books and receive them through couriers.

VolleyBall Logo


VolleyBall is a simple volleyball minigame for Spigot Minecraft servers with support for multiple courts. Players can serve a ball on a volleyball court and punch it to volley it.

HardcoreLists Logo


HardcoreLists is a Spigot plugin that provides a PvP timer for new players, as well as a list of dead and alive players, useful for hardcore Minecraft servers.

No Logo


Chirrup is a simple, twitter-esque social media application with built-in parental features to allow parents to keep their children safe.

CannonPong Logo


CannonPong is like a 2D basketball or cup pong game. You can adjust the launch speed and angle of a ball in an attempt to shoot the ball into a cup.